Achievement is the decisive extension of thoughts and actions rightly taken until the desired level of achievement is attained. Without a clearly determined series of priorities, we hesitate and postpone our eventual achievements. Our pause is often a fear of failure or a fear of success when we may already be halfway there.

Postponing one success journey incites the failures of multiple efforts. The backlog of these “on hold” efforts occupies the mind with needless strain, thereafter derailing the attainment of anything significant in terms of achievement.

Define the target of achievement within your life’s purpose and finish each to the desired end with your full potential. No postponement, just determined and prioritized effort to excel with the most critical for you and your learning endeavors.

Clear the postponed backlog, it holds no value for you and merely occupies the space of necessary resources and bandwidth for your more disciplined thoughts and actions.

“While we are postponing, life speeds by.” — Seneca the Younger —


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