All of us hope to simplify our lives by overcoming barriers with our initial theory of how we will accomplish that. But, it is only theory until it is applied in reality for an outcome. What seems most plausible and simple is rarely the right solution in the end. Theory is only a launching point for the efforts of actionable change to eventually address and resolve a problem to the desired outcome.

To reiterate, to manufacture a plausible solution is not the difficult part. Anyone can offer a simple and even seemingly intelligent solution. The real work, comes is in the learning application of the predetermined solution steeped in reality. We learn as we go, not beforehand.

It is important for your learning progress to recognize that an easy solution, before it has been applied, remains only a theory and not a tested solution. Because it appears plausible and resonates with others, doesn’t make it any better than the next theory or the one after that.

Fall in love with the problem as you experience it for yourself and not the yet-proven solution. Solutions must be discovered and proven in reality by application. What is plausible is merely an assumption, even for the very well informed.

“There is always an easy solution to every problem – neat, plausible, and wrong.” — H.L. Mencker —


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