It’s nice to dream for the day that a great thing will come to you in reality. Having this ideal vision for what you might desire can serve to motivate you to act. But know, without informed actions, the dream is unlikely to ever be realized and remain to be just a dream.

From the appreciate moments of actions taken to move toward your dream, memories can be made. It is within the moments of memories made, that a great value to life is added. In the creation of moments and memories, lives are changed for the better.

To merit the memories we will come to hold onto dearly, we must be a person of action. Those that continue learning and investing in the attainment/achievement of dreams will add by contribution to their lives and those of others close to them.

Enjoy the treasure of moments and memories you’ve experienced in the past as you continually focus your efforts to generate many more in your future. Each new memory fulfills us in many ways.

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” — Oscar Wilde —


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