In Practice

If you would offer advise to another person, be sure that you are willing to do it in the same manner being offered.

It’s unfortunate that too often people will offer their suggestions to others with no intent to act or to model those actions shared for themselves. What is best for you by your learning experiences is what you should offer and then allow the other to determine from that guidance what is best for them.

Practice to offer your viewpoint, opinion or perspective to another with only what you would do for yourself in a similar situation, Know that manipulating another by having them to do something you wouldn’t do yourself is quickly discovered.

If no one is asking for your guidance, the reason may well be that you didn’t live your own perspectives in practice. In applied practice, be authentic in actions to match the words that you offer. A well-earned perspective will always be sought when authentic with your actions.

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.” — Knute Rockne —


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