Changing Our Minds

We most easily change our minds when it is our own idea to do so. If it were the idea of another, we are often hesitant. In either circumstance, good things come to us when we are able to change our minds. Learning is a process of evolutionary and directed change, some just gather it more quickly and acutely than others.

If we were to hold onto only what we knew as a teenage, we would have missed thousands of good lessons to grow by. Whether on purpose, by accident or by pertinent influence, changing the mind is how we can discern to find the better way. We won’t control everything that may determine a change for the better, but we do own and operate the mindset and attitude surrounding change acceptance and ownership.

When you are at a point where you no longer care to be, think immediately to change with an open mindset. Think to direct yourself to have changed for a better outcome. Strongly held beliefs are central to a committed and continuous learner, but we must always believe there may still be a better way as our mind is adaptable to change.

“Change your thinking, change your life.” — Ernest Holmes —


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