Passage of Contribution

With relationships, the primary value comes when we are sharing a moment with and for one another. If alone, with just by yourself, there would be nothing shared.

With the wisdom we gain from our applied learning experiences, the primary value again comes from when we share and relate that wisdom for application for another. If we alone have wisdom and it goes unrelated or unapplied, there is no value to the knowledge gained.

With happiness, the value of this piqued emotion is rarely attained and preserved if we were to only experience it alone. Often, happiness is mostly attained when we first seek to support the happiness of another.

Relationships are key to a productive life in that we share to relate with another. Little can be gained if never applied for the benefit of another. The world is a complex relationships, each with a cause and effect on another. Know that your gifts and talents only bring real value when shared.

Aim ambitions and purpose to relate with others as a contribution, rather than a conquest for just yourself. We will be remembered for and recognized most because we aimed to contribute rather than to simply consume our time alone.

“The wisdom acquired with the passage of time is a useless gift unless you share it.” — Esther Williams —


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