When you become stuck and unable to resolve a problem, think less about the magic answer and more about the right questions to be considered. The right questions lead to apt learning and improved experiences in their application. Solutions, at least those that sustain over time, are the outcome of sound problem analysis brought about by asking the right questions.

Sage marketing will sell solutions that specify their product as your resolution. By example, the marketed solutions to lose weight, sleep better or to exercise more regularly are plentiful. Few, if any, may be right for you and others, but many are a commercial success because they offer a well-crafted and easy solution. Take a pill, register for a class or join a gym are frequently misapplied resolutions to problems ill-defined by consumers. Don’t be that consumer, ask questions first.

What are the right questions to ask and be answered for your prescriptive success to learn a different and better way? Only you know your motivation, experiences, competencies and determinable habits for whether the problem is well enough understood to then grasp a solution to be applied.

We function to learn and resolve better in application of this learning when leading with questions of analysis to fully understand the problem ourselves and own the outcome. Questions first, and then the resolution may be learned and applied for progress.

“I know you won’t believe me, but the highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others.” — Socrates —


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