When spoken to with a series of words by another, we have the choice for what we will hear, see and take in for ourselves. We can absorb them at face value to be true. We can ignore the words or the character of whom the words are being offered. Or, we can fully interpret both the words and the conditions for them being offered to set a best course for what we will take away from the interaction.

Samuel Beckett is quoted as saying, “Words are the clothes that thoughts wear.” Underneath the clothing there is an idea that another may be trying to share. This is where our interpretation is so important. There is more to be interpreted than just the words. We should look to interpret the usefulness of the ideas that may be offered and the value that may derived from them as you take it in by listening fully.

We navigate in our lives to first listen to take in knowledge or ideas and then act for ourselves going forward with what we know. Listening to take in ideas is key to our continuous learning. Believe what you will with an open mind to progress from your listening capacity, Listening is the mechanism of interpretation that will help you to discover your full potential and offer your full contribution in life.

“Don’t look for meaning in the words. Listen to the silences.” — Samuel Beckett —


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