As you actively direct or even meander through the days, know that self-preservation is a guiding force. This force is natural, innate and at the center of our thought and learning processes. In a primal sense, we simply have fears for what might happen to us.

At best, we consider past experiences and what we learned from them to navigate forward with what actions we will take, but we move forward. At worse, we hold back from genuinely engaging at all to realize any sense of our potential to excel.

In balance, self-preservation is a real value for us. This value ranges from living another day at full contribution and down to barely existing at all to stay pat with just the way we have always done it. The productive and learned value of living fully toward your full potential is also the way that we grow to persist as a continuous learner. If we only aim to survive, the base level challenges and problems roil on as unaddressed and unresolved snarls because they were deemed too risky to ever be confronted.

Aim to discover a prescriptive balance for the active choices you make for your own self-preservation. Intentionally set sail to learn anew each day for a greater contribution derived from your existence. Each choice is different and unique, don’t hold to only apply one static approach to all self-preservation.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” — Joseph Campbell —


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