To think and to analyze requires a conscious effort to more deeply interpret and understand something. We take in thoughts, we observe and then we determine our next actions. Thinking requires an effort on our part to do more than offer an opinion or rash judgement without real thought or analysis. A quick opinion or judgement is the easy route, an unthoughtful thought taking the easy way out.

Within us there is the capacity to think before we would offer an idea or judgement for another, or even ourselves. It is our choice to think and to learn. The deeper and more alert thinker and analyst sets their own course.

The conscious learner is awake and determined to learn and to experience toward attainment of specific goals and greater contribution. The learner aims with a plan to process information and apply experiences to advance forward from effort. The learner relates specific circumstances and conditions in the moment to discover a better outcome for themselves and others.

Don’t merely hope to learn, do so through conscious and continuous efforts.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” — Carl Jung —


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