Just a little bit of denial can go a long way. In denial, we often fail to recognize the source and scope of the the problems we will inevitably face. Without a full appreciation of reality, kept unknown or unaccepted by our fears, we make matters much worse and more persistent than they need to be. Denial isn’t a protection, it a merely a hope that something might go away or change without our thoughtful actions.

To be secure with ourselves is not to hide from reality and what we must earnestly do to work our way through life as a continuous learner. With the confidence to learn from real life experiences we prosper. We continue to evolve and we contribute more with others. It is rarely easier to remain steeped in reality, but exponentially better for us in the long run.

To appreciate reality with gratitude, rather than denying it, keeps the mind open to the most feasible and rational course of actions for us to take. Learning from full appreciation of reality, regardless of how simple or complex the matter may first appear, is the only real way to resolve it for ourselves. To deny is only to defer a reality that often persists.

Make greater sense of life and confusing points of reference to discover reality by fully knowing yourself and your presented opportunities. Denial leads to an alternative path or no path at all. If you have a problem, better to prescriptively treat that specific problem rather than the one you failed to even acknowledge by denial.

“The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists.” — Isaac Asimov —


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