When we see something new and exciting for the very first time, the mind is naturally drawn in with greater attention. We then pause to interpret the newness and what it may mean for us. The novelty is refreshing as we expand the mind for the new. With this interpretation and reinterpretation for what we are learning, we grow and evolve.

An idea for continuous learning would be to wake up your mind each day in a new location across the world. Each day would bring a newness of scenery, of culture, of people and of customs to try to take in for ourselves. But, physical travel of this nature is not feasible for many people for very long.

So, what’s the alternative and more feasible option to refresh our minds with first time experiences each day? What if we wouldn’t change the geography each day, but instead self-tempered our curiosity up to seek the new from where you already exist. Travel from an open-mindedness to relook anew, rather than physically arranging travel for ourselves to spur a novel thought. Seek refreshing interpretations from your redirected search for new insights. Pause to think again and again to never fall into a thoughtless rut. Travel differently without physically going to another new place. Seek a “first” each and every day.

“Nothing develops intelligence like travel.” — Emile Zola —


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