Experience the Milestones

Over time, we are able to accomplish a great deal of what we set our mind and actions to do. We set goals and the specific duration of time we will invest to reach that goal. A plan is put in place and we learn our way to that success in the tie allotted. When a milestone is reached, what comes next?

The options for us in the moments after achieving a goal are simple, yet paramount to the arch of contribution we would make in a lifetime. We might immediately set the next goal to achieve to the next highest level. We might drop the goal area and pick a new one to round out ourselves more completely. Or, we could pause in accomplishment, declining to set another goal.

I have found that the moments following an attained goal is to set the next. We may pause to experience the milestone and the moments within them to sharpen our wisdom and prepare for the next, but we move on to continue learning. The momentum of moving from one milestone to the next is a precious gift.

From setting and attaining goals, we add to our unique experiences and the value we bring into the next. Success breeds success. From the recognition of having attained a milestone, we are better able to set, plan for and attain the next. If we continue learning, we will continue to thrive for a greater good, never to let the days simply pass.

“My path has not yet been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.” — Agnetha Falskog —

MITM #1233

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