Just about the time you feel as though you have the right answer for the ideal way to proceed forward, a new question may come to mind. This new question presents a new set of conditions that you hadn’t considered before. It is often in the depth and breadth of these new questions to be reconsidered that we advance in our intelligence. From better questions, we discover better answers.

There comes a point where you must move from consideration to the resolution to be applied or we would never move forward. To know the problem deeply is an indication of intelligence and earned wisdom. We come to integrate from reconsideration and applied experiences in good timing to make the choice of greatest value. From decisions well-made, we will continue to learn, to reconsider and to apply again.

Better to fall in love with the problem, even to reconsider new variables each time rather than simply suppose or assume we’ve considered enough and rush ahead.

“A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.” — Helen Keller —


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