Thought Process

We each have a unique approach for thinking our way through life. From nearly unconscious to fully conscious, we move through thought processes to make decisions in pursuit of our aim or our goals. Some defer to remain comfortable and passive, while others roam to discover new ideas in a very active form.

From applied experiences of learning, we are capable to feed and deepen our thought processes. We know with more certainty only what we have processed more completely in our past. With a greater depth of learning and a logical purpose, we will tend to make deeper and more learned decisions.

If chaos is presented within the thought process, we must concentrate more fully to proceed with even more conscious in our thought processing. Whether novel of repetitive decisions are called for, the panic induced in chaos may take you off on different tangents. If lulled to sleep with simplicity, the unconscious decisions will appear with very little processing at all.

Be fully aware of how you arrive to set your decisions and your next steps. The thought process ought never to be on auto-pilot if you want to continue to learn. Connect novel thoughts and perspectives to seek a better way. Invest time to clearly articulate these thoughts of your process so that they can be effectively and efficiently shared. Be steeped in present reality, but still maintain a vision for where your thought processing may take you.

“Creativity is a catchall term for a variety of distinct thought processes.” — Jonah Lehrer —


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