From significant problems we are easily ran off course. The perceived burden of the large problem seems too overwhelming for us to move forward. We tend to pause in the immediate thoughts to take the whole thing on at once. The resolution would first appear to have to be just as large and complex as the problem itself.

But, what if we would first look at only key elements of the larger problem one at a time and progress our way through a little at a time. From incremental progress, we would build momentum. We can begin to make the decisions that need to be made and the changes learned along the way.

Large problems too often set us back more than need be. As the complex and unaddressed problem persists, the deficits pile on top of one another and become even more daunting. Start small and work away at making the decisions and actions that change your trajectory again for the better. Matters will improve from increments of growth far better than taking it all on at once.

“Break any problem into, or make changes in, small increments.” — Anne Grant —


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