Given the option each day, be pleasant by nature. It isn’t that hard to simply be pleasant in your usual days. A smile, a compliment and a positive mindset set the tone for your days.

Fixed to be happy and positive are a much better way to pass through the days in relation to learning and productivity. Opportunities and challenges are much better grasped with an open and pleasant demeanor. Upset and rude are rarely the best conditions for learning and evolving.

Aim to find new things and openly be pleasant to also see the same old things differently, as if it were the very first time. Rote is an oppressive feeling when compared with vivid curiosity.

Look to be and remain pleasant as you focus to take in the world around you. Start and end with the positives. The open and pleasant mind is far more productive than the closed and negative mind. Optimism and pleasantness promote our continuous learning.

“Happiness is a mindset for your journey, not the result of your destination.” — Shawn Actor —


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