By imagination, we can have grand ideas and aspirations with clear direction to take our learned decisions and actions to a higher level. With determination and a sound strategy, we focus our way to that level of achievement. Some with greater wisdom and will than others.

Where greater wisdom and will are most required is largely at points of disappointment or even failure. The lessons learned from failures along the way should only serve to push us further, but too often they cause us to draw away from the imagined conquest. If it were too easy, we wouldn’t have had much imagination to begin with.

Know that with great achievement, there comes great challenges and lessons to be learned. From imagination of things better for us and others, there comes a fervent determination to focus all the way there. With little to no imagination or vision, motivation is scarce to go beyond a simple and self-imposed stopping point. The boundary isn’t the end, it’s just another opportunity to learn and to apply ourselves again.

“A boundary is not that at which something stops, but that from which something begins.” — Martin Heidegger —


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