Things will change over time, yet we often approach matters in surprise that they are again different. The impressions and patterns of our minds tend to stay fixed on what we experienced long ago or even the time before. Wouldn’t it be better for us to proactively expect change rather than pretending to ignore it over and over again?

To approach a matter suspecting change and necessary adaptations is an element of intelligence. Each approach and the subsequent actions are with an anticipation that there will be variances. No surprises to draw you back, simply a discovery along the way that will broaden and deepen your mind toward achievement.

In the moments of change, aim to perceive and respond with curiosity rather than dread. Be curious throughout to anticipate variances, even before they might happen for us. Your course for learning with peaked curiosity through change is the application of depth you have learned before and now applied differently. Change will be revealed in due time, you may as well have anticipated it.

“The only person who acts sensibly is my tailor. He takes my measurements anew every time he see’s me. Everyone else goes by their old measurements.” — George Bernard Shaw


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