Move On

To know all the facts at a moment in time is not a guarantee of intelligence. Intelligence, for me, is measured from the application of knowledge amid complex relationships and ever-changing conditions to getting the precise outcome you desire.

Some facts carry value and others will not in the timely decisions made for the actions to be taken. The applied learner weighs the facts and sets the most feasible course to arrive at the optimal outcome. From the experience, they learn again and reapply what they have learned to add to their knowledge base.

Creativity and flexibility is a major factor in growing our intelligence levels for successful application. Never rote to the facts only, the creative and imaginative mind will strategize to apply knowledge in different and new ways as they progress. Thinking of the end first, they generate novel concepts amid facts and discoveries with appropriate weighting for options to have considered with accuracy along the way.

The most intelligent are supreme craftsmen in their specified areas of expertise. They are quickly able to translate this intelligence building pattern to other areas of specific knowledge and facts as well. They just keep moving beyond basic facts by application of creative learning and intelligence is born for attainment of success as the outcome. Applied learners, they keep moving.

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein —


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