Wouldn’t it be nice if we would never have to make any concessions with the decisions we make? We would only need to consider ourselves what, when, why and how we were to act. The greatest downside would only be that you would come to live completely alone, exasperating the tolerance of all others.

In relating with others, it is reality that reciprocal concessions will need to be made so that one another can evolve. To be open to the ideas and concerns of others is a critical element of learning, teaching, coaching and leadership with others.

We needn’t think of concessions as giving away our character and morality to work along with others. In matters that are not completely opposed to your’s, toe the line for what you believe is ethical. In matters that are simpler, focus to discern a middle ground where each serves to support the other doing better for themselves.

If there is no reciprocation from either, the relationship will falter. Think to do the right thing over thinking that you are always right and you will continue learning and relating alongside of others.

“As we get older, life becomes very complicated in terms of concessions we have to make.” — Charles Cumming —


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