To have been creative, we would need to have broken away from the pattern of always having done it that way. We need to think and act differently to create another approach for a better and more productive way. To build from creative learning as we apply from our experiences is a definitive key to gaining wisdom.

It is also important to remember that our personal thoughts and actions are only one very small piece of the larger pattern of society around us. Between ours and the rest, there are relationships and reliances that would have a direct effect of ours. We need to comprehend multiple patterns and not just our own, to truly assess for our creative and thoughtful progress.

We should not believe that our patterns of thinking, acting and experiencing life as a learner should aim to be fixed. When we succumb to finding a suitable way, look forward and outward to connect with another vantage point or variation among others to continue to learn.

“A consistent thinker is a thoughtless person, because they conform to a pattern, they repeat phrases and think in a groove.” — Jidda Krishnamurti —

MITM #1250

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