In our overly commercialized environment, it is very easy to come to want something. We are approached in all forms of media and communications to purchase something or another. All of this is without our permission of course, unless you would consider watching TV, opening a computer or observing the community as you move through it to be granting permission.

Our granted permission sets our parameters for what we think we might want. We become the product when we engage, paying the costs of all the marketing efforts for all the people if we purchase a product. The cost of acquisition through marketing without granted permission are all baked into the price to be paid.

In your thought process, and please have one, be fully aware of needs rather than wants. The media will only continue to get better and better with us actually becoming the product, over and above the items that are offered for us to want.

Respond from learning with conscientious thought rather than react to engage to be informed what we want. We actually need very little when all is duly considered.

“Our necessities are few, but our wants are endless.” — George Bernard Shaw —


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