Good Luck

As fate would have it, some wonderful and blessed things simply happen for us in our lives. The same is true for the fate of adversity and unfortunate occurrences from our experiences.

It does make some sense though, that those seeking greater things with others will tend to discover and appreciate the good luck that they come across. Preparation and sound effort present more opportunities for good fate as they thrive with life. For those who sit idly by to exert no effort, good luck rarely seems to find them.

Good or bad luck itself is rarely controllable. For us to focus with an open-mind and a curiously active intellect certainly produces more opportunity for good luck to have been received. Enjoy the good luck/fate with great appreciation of the efforts put forth to ever have attained it. Learn from the bad luck/fate as another way to inspire you to learn your way toward success and not to succumb to it.

“Good luck is rather peculiar who she rides with, and mostly prefers those who have common sense and a good heart; at least that’s my experience. — Anna Sewell —


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