Variables are a factor for each of us as we move through our lives. We make decisions and act upon them with interpretation of the variables with a determination for what the outcome could be. Most variables are not within our control, we can only anticipate from our learning experiences for how things will end up from our approach to them.

Some variables are more dominant in moving us closer to the desired outcomes. By example, take the process of selling something to another as a process. In its simplest form, selling is changing the outcome. Moving another from a “no” to a “maybe” and a “maybe” to a “yes.” One dominant variable in this process is that the seller must ask for the sale. No ask, no sell. All other variables may have relevance, but to know the more dominant and controlled variables is key in your learning experiences.

Sequence variables from your proactive learning approach to know which are dominant and which will be no more than a guess. As you proactively discern the variables, you set yourself up for greater success. Never controllable as variables will be, but you will at least learn from the interpreted guesses how you might approach it differently the next time.

“That’s the one thing about a human life – there’s no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed.” — Elizabeth Gilbert —


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