To navigate our thoughts and actions from the feelings we have can be a very unproductive process. Emotions will come and go with great variation, but the reality of the situation remains largely the same. To remain to be steeped in reality above our intermittent feelings is how we will set a better course.

Feeling are innate and a great part of life. When anxious or sad, our forward thinking and actions should still be based on what is best for us and others. Amid these feelings we need to continue learning and seeking the most feasible and successful outcomes, but this is easier said than done.

As feeling erupt and are experienced, be mindful to know they are natural in occurrence, but not generally the best for us to align our next thoughts and actions with. Direct yourself with an eternal vigilance for the reality of the moment without the influence of emotions.

“Feeling are just visitors, let them come and go.” — Mooji —


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