To be suspicious often takes us off the better path of learning. Rarely do we have a suspicion that we wouldn’t eventually confirm for ourselves. What we assume to be true before we would know for certain can be substantiated in a closed mind to be evidenced. The problem is, that suspicion unjustly overlooks realities.

Give opportunity to discover with facts and observations than you would from suspicions. With open mind, look for both the good and the possible bad of a situation. It may take a minute more, but the truth often lies beyond that we first sense.

To always be suspicious is a dangerous approach that excludes continuous learning as a pattern of thought. To learn requires an open mind, not a suspicious one. No early bias, just learned experiences weighed as they value that is presented. Wisdom thrives from knowing more of experienced reality with continuous learning and not by assumptions of bad before we even start.

“We are always paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspect.” — Henry David Thoreau —


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