Sentiment is a wonderful starting point. From there, a thing may either happen or not. Strong and genuine sentiment can lead to great success, while weaker sentiment rarely moves into an action taken to move forward at all. Sentiment is merely a feeling or a prevailing thought with a chance for you to behave from it.

Most sentiment starts with great intent. However, we often pause at sentiment, realizing we would need to exert tremendous effort over time to accomplish the ideal. It is here that most will adapt the applied effort short of first sentiment or maybe even not move forward at all.

Remain aware of the sentiments you have and which you will ardently pursue. Leave behind those you may only supply minimal effort, they would go nowhere anyway. Stay fixed on your purpose in life and invest in the sentiments that will fulfill you on your way to that purpose. There is little to no value in great sentiments that wouldn’t receive your full conviction. You become your learned actions, not your sentiments along the way. No regrets, act toward what you will become.

“All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.” — James Russell Lowell —


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