Truth is consistent, it is what it is at that time for us. We know this and yet we sometimes will fail to resolve a problem by dealing with what the truths are. We instead pursue what would make us feel better in the moment to seemingly nullify and even avoid the truth. From reality and dealing with it to learn our way for ourselves, we progress.

To ignore fact to pursue feelings is of little value. It may seem easier for us, but the deficit is never recognized or dealt with. We pass up opportunities to learn from truth and unsatisfactory conditions persist. Truth won’t be moved out of the way in the pursuit of fleeting sensations of good to have avoided them for a time.

Know to actively and applicably learn to discover the truth, even it appears hard to deal with. Good feelings persist after you deal with the truths to have earned your way through it, not by avoiding it.

“But it is not the job of truth to make us feel good. It is the job of truth to be true. and it is our job to deal with it.” — William Deresiewicz —


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