What If?

Unless we would find or even create the opportunity to feed our minds each day with new thought, we would live a dull life. An idle mind is stuck in a rut going nowhere. A curious mind will prosper from learning and experiencing another way, perhaps even a better and more meaningful way. “What if…. questions in the present will become the resolve of our future.

Look to yourself to initiate the questions that should be asked. Do this for greater and broader comprehension. Do this for depth of experiences. Do this as an endeavor to add to the wisdom you will acquire in your lifetime and be able to share with others that are seeking to do the same for themselves.

Apply what you learn from questions asked. Incidents of failure and success move us onward to grow and evolve. Don’t wait for others to determine your thoughts and ideas, aim to generate the questions and thus ideas for your continuous learning.

“Your mind will give you back exactly what you put into it.” — James Joyce —


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