If you choose to donate to a charity, do so more deeply for the benefit of the cause they are attempting to lead. Do so not to only feel good about yourself in a fleeting moment, invest to supply a boost toward the desired impact. Do so to think what other resources you might supply to further engage. It is the thoughts and the actions that accompany the monies that promote a greater value for both.

For a meaningful change to occur from the work of a defined charity, funding is required. No money, no mission. The role that you choose to play in your giving should be an active one and not just to have thrown money at something. Aim to engage your talents and resources under their guidance to add to the movement for intentional change.

We give for obvious reasons, but the disciplined and most admired is to do more than offering just the monies. Concentrate to learn to be a contributing part of the change effort and the value of your giving will multiply. Volunteer to support the activities that will make a realized difference. A movement of societal change requires engagement for a learning process of the engaged. Money matters, but it is only a point to learn forward with.

“Not what we give, but what we share, for the gift without the giver is bare.” — James Russell Lowell —


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