There are times where we find out something we would have never before believed to be true. We find that we were simply wrong from ignorance. We become surprised and even embarrassed from what we didn’t truly know.

If we falter because of ignorance, we know that we should have continued learning rather than close our minds from a sense of assuring. We are all ignorant of many things in the very broad scope of the world. Best to simply recognize this with the intention to continue learning toward the most relevant knowledge and applied experiences for ourselves. We can humbly grow from ignorance admitted.

The real enemy is the illusion of knowledge. The obstacle is harder to overcome because we fully pretend with confidence to know something we have never learned for ourselves. Illusion from our closely held truths, the ones we make decisions from, is purely deceiving ourselves.

With admitted ignorance, we can come to humbly accept there is more to learn. With illusions, we somehow tend to persist on with those imagined beliefs. The opportunities to learn should never be overlooked, illusion is often the greatest obstacle.

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” — Friedrich Nietzsche —


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