Some things we question, deciding for ourselves to look deeper into an issue than we had previously done before. In this exposure to look at an issue differently, we promote our opportunity to continue to learn and then experience better ways to act. When we question things and ask the right questions for discovery with others, we obtained applied wisdom.

If by questioning we grow, then we should be persistent to inquire and then navigate life in a better way. If we would settle in our thinking for only what we know today, we will have capped our own learning.

Focus to question things by assuming there is always a new and better way to approach with our thinking for the better. Focus thinking to ask the right questions at the right time and you will have gathered applied learning experiences to evolve with others. The answer is often just waiting for the right questions. Keep looking to keep learning.

“Find the right questions. You don’t invent the answers, you reveal the answers.” — Jonas Salk —


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