Professional Excellence

An applied cycle of learning toward your purpose is very simple: PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT (Deming).  Mastery for a predictable level of professional level success follows and persists if all conditions remain relatively the same.  As Seth Godin states, “If you learn a new skill, you own it forever.”  The conditions do change however and some tasks are quite complex with variability.  You will need to continually apply and reapply what you have found that works to be a pro.

  • Professional level excellence with getting on base safely in a baseball game is roughly a .300 batting average (highly complex skill).
  • Professional level excellence with making a free throw in basketball is around 80% (lower complexity skill).
  • Professional level excellence with effectively and consistently leading a group of people to attain all goals is rare.  (highly complex and adaptive skill).

Owning and leading with a continual learning purpose toward professional excellence is setting the bar very high for yourself.  Amateurs set the set the bar for themselves very low and they are just fine with that.  Many organizations are just fine with that as well and that is a shame.  Differentiating determination and effort in the deep middle of daily reality with others is playing to win, to meet and exceed all goals.

Continual learning is required to be at the professional level of excellence.  Bat .35o, make  85% of your free throws and lead a group of people by investing together.  The process of continual learning is the way to hit your goals.  You may not make them all and make them all of the time, but always be a pro.  Don’t falter in your determination  because others aren’t playing and practicing as hard, only a few can be at or near the professional level.


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