Impress or Affect?

Meaningful change is difficult.  People cling to the comfort of the way it has always been.  The thought of trying to have everyone be impressed with you and your view in light of change is virtually impossible.  But, what if you could look forward five years and know that your decision to hold onto the common opinion supported the demise of the idea, the product, the organization, or even the industry as it will be known?  A number of major industries are limping along as they continue to hold onto the once popular comfort of opinion.

The retail industry isn’t dying, but the traditional comfort of opinion of a sh*t retail experience is.  More than one individual had the idea to disrupt retail, but few are credited with the innovative approach.  Assuredly, many retail experts held back and “impressed” their fellow displaced peers by holding to the status quo.

How many of us are still holding onto the comfort of telephone land lines and paying that bill?  Cable companies are still “bundling” useless and unused land lines with their television product to market that they are saving us money on our bill.  Are they?  Isn’t this practice being supported by a series of common comfort opinions that are marketed by the cable companies, certainly if you look forward five years or less.

The time is in front of you as a learner and a leader to affect the change you believe is necessary.  I offer this simple, but  critical thought from Dr. Peter Attia as you consider the change you wish to affect:  “If you set a goal, it should meet these two conditions: 1) It matters; 2) You can influence the outcome.”   


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