It has become easier to live an incidental life where we would simply follow the prescribed course set before you. We are prescribed to drive vehicles on designed grids with stop lights and marked lanes. We are prescribed by GPS technology for the best route to take on these grids to determine our course. No need to think in solitude for ourselves, just become a well-patterned member of the status quo.

Driving a vehicle to a destination is not indicative of thoughtful living, nor should it be. Staying on the grid in unison with others is the better option here. But, many of us will succumb to this modality of automated, thoughtless navigation with more and more of what we come to do without thinking for ourselves.

It’s a big world that provides and affords many options and courses to take while learning along the way. Think in solitude to set your mind to plan, to analyze, to learn and apply what you are learning to find new and better solutions. Go off the grid to be mindful of discovering a better course. Guide your life when you can to your purpose. Google hasn’t quite got there just yet, eventually you’ll have to discern a course for yourself.

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.” — Laurence Sterne —


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