There is a time and a place for most everything where the thought and/or action is best carried out. Both the brave and the meek both benefit greatly by use of proper discretion.

In baseball, even the most perfect swing of the bat is useless in the game unless it is timed and aimed perfectly with the pitch as it’s thrown over the plate. The ability to swing is greatly diminished without timely discretion.

In whatever we offer, be it an opinion, a decision or an action, be most conscientious with the timing and precise application of delivery. Discretion needs to be considered proactively and throughout the experience to offer the greatest value and contributions that we have learned.

Discretion is planned application of rightful wisdom. Be actively patient to have the discretion to do your greatest work.

“Be not too tame either, but let your discretion be your tutor; suit the action to the word, the word to action.” — William Shakespeare —


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