One of Those

It’s a luxury in your professional career when you get to the point of awareness that you recognize scenarios and realize how to lead and manage through them with a strong sense of confidence versus a fear of the unknown.  What used to seem like a major twist or turn in the path, may actually becomes as simple as “just being another one of those.”

Having a multitude of experiences that you have learned from and adapted to with others increases the appreciable level of luxury you will have in moving through your next challenge.  The good news is that you don’t have to go through each one of these on your own.  I’m not sure why so many choose to walk alone before and then into each challenge when there are so many more favorable options.  I strongly believe that through reading, observing, and seeking mentoring/coaching from others with “lived” experience that each of us can dramatically accelerate our learning and higher levels of success.

No journey worth pursuing is simple.  Experience generally comes with a response cost.  Learning and applying what you learn with and from others will accelerate your growth and it adds tremendous value to the level of simplified impact you are able to generate in your work.  You needn’t go through it alone, but it’s your choice to make for when, what, and how you will learn.


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