Mastery, Or Not

I’m hoping that you are growing even more interested in working to define your unique purpose.  That is to determine what will help you make the greatest difference and draw the most satisfaction from your life and your work.  Really, even more about what you want to master as you “grow up.”  This is not easy and it may take an entire career, but the challenges accepted and the learning journey with others offers  tremendous payoff’s.

Terry Laughlin (Founder, Total Immersion Swimming) offers an approach for discovering your purpose with satisfaction that I found significant:

The key to satisfaction is to reach the nirvana in which the love of practice for its own sake (intrinsic) replaces the original goal (extrinsic) as our grail.  The antithesis of mastery is the pursuit of quick fixes.” 

“Life is not designed to hand us success or satisfaction, but rather to present us with challenges that make us grow.  Mastery is the mysterious process by which those challenges become progressively easier and more satisfying through practice.”

Five Steps to Mastery:

  1. Choose a worthy and meaningful challenge.
  2. Seek a mentor or master teacher to set the right path and priorities.
  3. Practice diligently, always striving to hone key skills to attain higher competency.
  4. Love the plateau; follow good practice principles and turn new behaviors into habits.
  5. Mastery is a journey, not a destination; there is always more to learn and greater skills to be developed.

Masters never believe that they have attained mastery.  There is always more to learn and they look for those opportunities to do so.  We are still learning.



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