Still Learning?

Are you still learning?  Scraping the last ten minutes of a long day to read a couple pages of a book before falling asleep hardly counts.  You’ll block out eight to ten hours each work day to do things, yet not think to set aside time to learn.  When you go home, the time is occupied with family, friends, entertainment, exercise, chores, and errands to run so that you can go back to the next day of eight to ten hours of blocked time unencumbered.  No time to learn?

Ryan Holiday notes that “The average person somehow manages to squeeze in twenty-eight hours of television per week — but ask them if they had time to study (learn), and they will tell you they are too busy.”

Learning shouldn’t be left only to the few minutes that you have left over.  Learning should be the first premise with acquiring knowledge to improve the life that you are investing in.  Organize yourself with learning habits.

You’ll never know too much or too many perspectives.  Please don’t tell people that you haven’t the time to read, to discover, to learn, and to invest in your purpose with greater wisdom.

“Aren’t you ashamed to reserve for yourself only the remnants of your life and to dedicate to wisdom only that time that can’t be directed to business?”  —  Seneca  —


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