#350 Mastery

To gain mastery is to connect curiosity, current-level knowledge, new intellect within the reality of your current experiences toward your purpose.  The differentiating aspiration you will have in search of mastery is that you and those you collaborate with will perform better.  You’ll together address barriers, solve problems and positively impact the reality of the situations.  You’ll add value and meaning with your work.

I suppose mastery is to be pursued, not necessarily ever attained.  The pursuit is infinite. Thank goodness placing third in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition forty-five years ago wasn’t my life’s peak performance toward mastery.  But I did learn from it.

Conditions and circumstances constantly change in both work and life.  Each reader of this blog is in a different time and place with different priorities nearly every week.  I am still learning and I hope that you are intrigue by what you read here each day to add to your application towards mastery.  We can all pursue better.

“Everyday is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece.  We have far more control in life than many people embrace.  Each day is an opportunity to be fully engaged in the present moment.  It’s the present moment where glimpses of our potential are revealed and expressed.  A living masterpiece is not drawn on a canvas or etched in stone or inked by pen.  It’s the pursuit and expression of applied insight and wisdom.”  —  Dr. Michael Gervais  —

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