Committed Learning

The valuable habits that we have formed are from the disciplined application or practice of what we are learning.  With the diligence of continued training and learning, we gain wisdom on the course towards mastery.  Learn and continually apply what you are learning.

If we only learn and do not apply what we have learned, we won’t progress toward our highest level of potential with our wisdom and/or mastery.  “It’s not enough to do your best.  You must first know what to do and then to do your best.”  —  Deming  —

If we merely apply ourselves without an intentional and committed course of continual learning, we are just doing sh*t.  “In the absence of strategy, anything will do.  —  A.G. Lafley  —

If we want to pursue wisdom and mastery we should stay the course of continued learning and applying what we have learned.

Strong emotions arise only when we fail.  These strong emotions can pull us off course.  Staying the course requires us to deal with and learn from those emotions.  Unfortunately we learn best at the onset from failure.  “Everything is hard before it is easy.”  —  Goethe  —

Seems simple enough, fail forward on your intentional course to continue learning for both wisdom and mastery.  This to me is the habit of learning and continually applying what you are learning.

What is your intentional plan of focus with your continual learning?  Today?  This month? This year?  Whatever it is, commit by writing it down.  If you are too busy, it’s because you are just doing things.  In the absence of a plan to follow and a fear of failing, anything will do.

Commit to be better.  Set a learning course for yourself toward your purpose.  What regret’s would you possibly have if you made this commitment today?

“Philosophers warn us not to be satisfied with mere learning, but to add practice and then training.  For as time passes we forget what we learned and end up doing the opposite, and hold opinions the opposite of what we should.”    —  Epictetus  — 



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