Change is Built

It is true that most people prefer the status quo lane.  To comfortably and knowingly work through the same conditions, loyalties and circumstances on a daily basis.  The mind is at ease with predictability.

Now you want them to change the very essence of what they are comfortable with so that we might improve the organization or the individual with your idea?  Your first step shouldn’t be to tell them to get out of their comfort lane.  You will likely have a battle on your hand and an unmotivated peer.  Remember, simply “telling” is not generally a function of leading or coaching for excellence.

Your first step should be with the individual or group of people.  Appreciate that she/they do what they do and perform in the manner they perform because that has worked best for them and the organization to this point.

To lead and to coach is to influence toward the direction that is more desirable.  To do this, you must enroll the mind of the individual.  You are looking to build accomplices, not enemies.

It takes more time to work with others, but the constructive effort succeeds with higher probability.  The arrived at change will promote a lane change from status quo to the faster lane of sustaining excellence.  The series of building experiences will serve to open the minds of most others toward  continuous excellence.  There are even faster lanes for those rare, high performing people and organizations.  Change is built.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.   —  Socrates  —


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