“Understanding how to act under conditions of incomplete information is the highest and most urgent human pursuit.”  — Nasim Nicholas Taleb 

The world is moving through a serious health concern at a global level.  A masterful and comprehensive solution has yet to be determined for all individuals of society to follow.  With this highly improbable event, the world is still learning and applying what they are learning at a rapidly accelerating pace.  Specialists that have been deeply immersed in their related fields of study for decades must still rely somewhat on intuition to set a reasonable course for individuals and societies of great variability.

I’m confident that there will be a masterful solution in the near future for societies and individuals to follow with this virus, but we are outside of the realm of what we know to do with certainty.  The information remains incomplete at this time.

So, what are we to do?  For most individuals, it seems obvious to follow closely what we are best advised to do from public health experts as they are together gathering information and continuing to learn.  For others, this appears to be less obvious.  In a growing number of recent circumstances, pockets of societal leadership are simplifying individual decisions for the sake of others by diminishing the opportunities for large public gatherings.  More uncertainty, more simplification and more learning for us all to do going forward I’m sure.

I leave you with only a reference from a noted scientist that was offered many years ago.

“Luck favors the prepared,”   —  Louis Pasteur  — 





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