Still Waiting?

It’s a momentous occasion when you and others have a leader to follow. A leader that believes in what you believe in. A leader that sets the stage for you to act upon. One that recognizes you and others for their specific contributions. Large scale progress can certainly be made when working with an incredible leader under the right conditions.

But what if there is no such leader for you to follow at this moment leader? What if there is no one to follow in carrying out what you believe in? Without such a leader, do you pause and stop believing you can make a difference?

Unfortunately, it’s often a rare and temporary occasion where a stage is set for you by a leader and the conditions are just right for all to flourish.

This doesn’t mean that on a smaller scale you can’t continue the work yourself to generate progress toward what you believe in. To make a difference for one other, rather than hundreds, is still making a difference.

Those striving to make a difference for even one are where many practitioners become great leaders with others.

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”Mother Teresa —    |  


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