Nearing the time for New Years resolutions will have us thinking what we might hope to change in our lives. Hoping, in the form of a stated resolution, rarely sustains even the first few days. A resolution is merely a fleeting thought until purposeful actions are learned and applied repeatedly to truly transition to attain and sustain success.

There is a dramatic difference between adapting to changes and making a transition in our lives. Transition is a process that starts by ending something and letting go of old thoughts and beliefs. Transition is an active, purposeful and determined path for improvement.

In lieu a 2021 resolution, make an earnest plan for a 2021 transition in your life. A committed plan to learn, to apply what you are learning and to enforce new habits and practices to realize newfound success.

Just under one year ago, I planned a transition to close all three rings on my Apple I Watch every day for one year. A simple daily task, but more complex to successfully complete 365 days in a row as planned. This would require exercising 30+ minutes each day, burning 700+ active calories each day and actively standing during at least twelve+ hours per day.

On Friday, I will have completed the first year of a transition for personal health by exercising into my lifestyle. In this yearlong process, I learned a lot about myself and the capacity we all have to commit to and become better.

At some point down the road, I will miss a day or two as measured on the I Watch, but a lifetime practice for personal health has been set. Not because of a hopeful resolution, but rather a ruthlessly applied learning transition.

“Not in his goals but in his transitions man is great. — Ralph Waldo Emerson —


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