Controllable Order?

Illogically, we like to believe that we are in control of the many things for which we are not. You have a great plan to control the order of the day until the day happens to you and not for you. Holding to your controls in the belief that you will master your way through or ignore disruptions, rather than adapt with them, will only lead to more disorder.

Disruptions are inevitable. The changes that result from these disruptions and your response to those changes are interrelated, they hang together. Order is temporary. Being dynamic, adaptive and creative are how we will learn, grow and adapt to regain order. We learn and apply what we are learning rather than hold only to a series of more rigid controls.

To be dynamic, adaptive and creative is not to indicate that you don’t have a solid plan. We all need an intentional plan to set a course for the successes we are striving for, especially when there are many people working together toward that same success. But realize first that the plan will at some point need to be adapted amid changes to promote return of temporary order. Constant, rigid controls for order will only lead to more disorder.

“She who wants to have right without wrong, order without disorder, does not understand the principles of heaven and earth. She does not know how things hang together.” — Chang Tzu —


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