Being proactive requires that we would set for ourselves a purposeful direction for the task at hand, an entire day or even for a longer term goal. The direction would begin with a vision to know why and how you will learn and then act your way toward this purpose. We are free to choose the proactive route, yet we often pause to be merely reactive.

Being reactive requires that we would forsake our vision and our purpose to merely react to the demands and expectations of others. In a strange way, people find this more comforting. Reactive people wouldn’t have to fear moving out of their comfort zone to accept the outcome of the actions they set for themselves. If others set our course it would be their fault if we would fail.

There is also a middle ground where a shared value is pursued by investing together to reach toward a collective vision and purpose to build outcomes of determined success. If all stay disengaged in a reactive comfort zone, very few successful outcomes would be reached.

Begin with a vision and a purpose for all that you do. Share the vision to engage the proactive nature of others. What comfort is there in only following the demands of others upon you?

“The most interesting things in life happen just on the other side of your comfort zone.” — Michael Hyatt —


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