If you are feeling as though you are in a rut, it is time to re-open your mind to discover the world in a different light. If you continue to look at the your life as a programmed pattern for simplification in your day, very little could be accomplished. On your best day, you’ll simply pass casually through to the next.

You are in charge of your destination. The world around you won’t change much unless you continually alter and amend the way in which you seek to first perceive it and then respond.

A curious and open mind to see things differently and to then determine from this point of focus will determine what you might discover and change in your life. There is no standard coding for a person to follow, it is on you to interpret and rationally respond as you see fit.

Discover each day with a new awareness. Think of the end first to center upon the determined destination you will eventually arrive at. There are a vast number of ways to work toward your purpose and to evolve through by what you are learning each new day. To be in a rut is your closed-minded choice.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” — Martin Buber —


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