I hope I can find the time to work out today.

With this hope, I will come to find out today whether the outcome I desired would come to fruition or not. From the final outcome, whether it be good or fall short, I can continue to hope or I can determine to have learned.

From experiences to pursue desired outcomes, apply what you have learned rather than hope again with no determined plan to succeed. I will work out today because I have learned to organize and prioritize my time to do so well beyond hope. Today will be 798 consecutive days in a row that I will have worked out since I first hoped to do so more regularly. Success from the original hope is now predictable from what I continue learning from each experience.

At some point, I will have another hope or priority that may come before working out daily and the string will end. If that other hope brings me closer to my purpose, then from that new hope I will center my discipline to learn from new experiences.

Hoping is simply a desired destination. You must then supply the discipline to attain it. You have to prepare and apply yourself amid the experiences to set a course to learn your way to that desired destination.

A clear, strongly held purpose in life firmly sets our determination to make the most of continual learning through application.

“Our experience is not what happens to us, but what we make of what happens to us.” — Aldous Huxley —


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